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"Do not cross the ROC"
Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel covering the August 2001 issue of XXL.

Queen Latifah


Twenty years ago today, Gang Starr released their fourth album, Hard to Earn, on EMI Records.
- NahRight x UpNorthTrips: The Making of Hard To Earn w/ DJ Premier
- UpNorthTrips x NahRight: Hard To Earnstrumentals
-XXL: Gang Starr’s ‘Hard To Earn’ and The Changing Face of Brooklyn

So who is going to help me with a kickstarter to make this a spectator sport
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Ojama Yellow
'He's one of the Ojama Trio. It's said that he butts in by any means necessary. It's also said that when the three are together, something happens.'
Can Be Found In: Dark Revelation Volume 2 (DR2-EN001), Duelist Pack 2: Chazz Princeton (DP2-EN003), Invasion of Chaos (IOC-EN001), Duel Terminal - Preview (DTP1-EN004), Duel Terminal 1 (DT01-EN004)
Ojama monsters had an interesting story in the card game. They started with the trap card “Ojama Trio”, an useful card for restrict and burn the opponent but lost usefulness against some Synchro builds. Later the three Ojamas featured in the card were released as Normal Monsters, with pitiful stats yet remained popular in the franchise as they gained Fusions, strategies, and in the end their very own Archetype arround field manipulation. These monsters might not shine in battle, but they’re able to keep appearing on the field in massive quantities.
"Ojama Yellow" is the most popular creature of this group, as he appears in several card artwork along having a support role in the Gx anime. He’s pretty much what he shows, a low stats creature which doesn’t have much to offer but a variety of ways to be summoned. This along the rest of Ojamas is what makes "Yellow" an important card, as basically runs the archetype by the various tools the archetype obtained during the years for keep summoning these monsters.
Along “Ojama Green” and “Ojama Black”, “Ojama Yellow” has a massive support on several aspects of a Duel, practically having him somewhere ready to go. “Ojamagic” can be destroyed or discarded for search all three monsters at once, not only severely deck thinning but easy to activate and increase hand with cards like “Ojama Country” or “Hand destruction” among many others. “Ojama Blue” on the other hand will be destroyed in battle for add “Yellow” and/or any other Ojama card to the hand. When it comes to special summoning “Yellow” and the other two have a massive variety of cards to be used, specially being brought from the deck by cards like “Box of Friends”, “Baby Raccon Tantan”, or “Enchanting Fitting Room”. If our hand became full of Ojama monsters, “Ojama Red” can summon all of them at once once normal summoned. Finally, the graveyard isn’t lacking on tools either, as cards like “Junk Synchron” and “Ojama Country” can easily bring “Ojama Yellow” to the field, while “Tri-Wight” can revive “Yellow” along two other low level creatures.
"Ojama Yellow" seems at first to have a role as Xyz or Synchro material due the several cards we can use for bring him to the field along his partners, but has also other several uses. He can also be used as material for the fusions "Ojama King" and "Ojama Knight", restricting the opponent’s monster zone, specially in combination with "Ground Collapse". As a normal monster obviously the summon tools can be abused for keep atleast one of the normal monster Ojamas stay on the field for keep "Ojama Country" active, switching monster stats for not only turn "Ojama Yellow" a 1000 ATK, but also (in most matchups) weaken the opponent’s field as monsters like "Big shield Gardna" or "Ojama Knight" turn into high ATK creatures.
Before Ojamas became an actual archetype, they also had some other strategies along limiting the opponent’s game. “Ojama Yellow”, “Green”, and “Black” can completely wipe out the entire opponent’s field with “Ojama Delta Hurricane!!”, easy to obtain thanks to cards like “Ojama Red” or “Tri-Wight” or even using “Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude” as shortcut. The three normal monsters can also easily setup a field arround “Spatial Collapse”, severely limiting the use of cards as effects like “Ojama Trio” and “Xing Zhen Hu” entirely lockdown the opponent’s field. Finally, cards like “Human-Wave Tactics”, “Enchanting Fitting Room”, and “Tri-Wight” can easily work a whole deck solely arround Level 2 and 1 normal monsters, filling the field for activate “The Law of the Normal” so the opponent loses all their cards, as “Thousand Energy” and “Triangle Power” boosts the Ojama and the rest of monsters’ ATK for finish the game.
Similar to “Skull Servant”, “Ojama Yellow” and his two partners started as joke cards for shame the opponent as they activate “Ojama Delta Hurricane!!”, but they gradually became stronger as normal monsters and low stat creatures obtained a massive assortment of effects for be summoned from anywhere during a Duel. Even working arround “Ojama Country” and his fusions for control the field, the Ojama monsters are a great example that there’s no need of high stats and big quantities of damage for dominate a Duel. Dut that doesn’t stop them of being able to swarm with Rank 2 Xyz monsters, use cards like “Creature Swap” and “Creature Seizure” for obtain powerful monsters on our side, and overall keep a field full of monsters defending against attacks and effects for be quickly replaced for many others.
Personal Rating: A